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Written by Cail Johnson   
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bcssports.com BCS SPORTS - Your Sports Resource!Here at BCS SPORTS Get the latest information on Sports Performance, Team Sports, Individual Sports, Diet & Nutrition, Fitness & Exercise, and Health & Wellness.

In each of our Sections we provide you with the following:

  1. An online Store to shop!
  2. Tips, Advice, and Information on your particular interest
  3. A Resource page, with the latest programs
  4. Links to pages of interests

We will be also adding many quality writers for each and every section, so you can keep up to date with the information you seek.

I would like to personally Thank you for your interest in bcssports.com.

Cail Johnson

BCS SPORTS - Your Sports Resource!
Fitness Training – How to Make it More Effective PDF Print E-mail
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BCS SPORTS - Fitness and Exercise1. Number of trainings. What’s most necessary for making a fitness program more effective is establishing a certain number of trainings every week. It is considered that the minimum number of trainings is two (anaerobic) and three (aerobic) every week. If they are combined, their number can be reduced to three trainings a week (two combined and one aerobic). Obviously, an increase in the number of weekly trainings brings better and more rapid results. Their maximum number would be four force trainings (anaerobic) and six resistance trainings (aerobic).

Proven Weight Loss and Nutrition Secrets PDF Print E-mail
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BCS SPORTS - Weight LossAre you one of those people struggling with weight loss? Nutrition is important, but one of the first things dieters try is some level of starvation. Unfortunately, starvation deprives the body of nutrition. Rather than triggering weight loss, starvation causes weight retention and weight gain.

How do you respond to your excess weight? Do you deprive yourself of food? Have you tried various fad diets or diet pills that claim to help you lose weight? Was exercise part of your weight loss plan?

A Few Golf Tips From Tiger Woods PDF Print E-mail
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BCS SPORTS - GolfTiger Woods is the undisputed king of professional golf. With a smooth technique you could set your watch by, he makes winning those championships look like a walk in the park.

Imagine if you could sit with Tiger for a few minutes and pick his brain to help improve your game. Here are some great golf tips from Tiger Woods.

It’s All About Rhythm

Improving Eating Habits Can Be Easier Than You Think PDF Print E-mail
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BCS SPORTS - Healthy EatingAmericans, now more than ever, recognize the need to change the way they eat. From reducing fat and sugar intake to cutting carbs, many are looking for extra steps they can take in the kitchen to improve their overall health.

In fact, a recent survey administered by Opinion Research highlights this trend, revealing that 86 percent of Americans believe there are dietary changes they could be making to improve their well-being. Despite this desire to take the necessary steps, 63 percent indicated they still struggle with ways to eat healthier.


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